Yes this is absolutely fine. In fact, why not stay overnight in our luxury guest suite.
Of course you may. Returning professionals receive a generous discount (check availability).
Our premises is extremely discreet. There is no need to worry about other surroundings as The Walsall Dungeon is a hidden gem in comparison to other facilities. We also have soundproofing throughout the chambers.
Yes, we require £30 deposit for a minimum of two hours. Any additional hours the deposit will rise. For example, an over night stay is £100, therefore the deposit will be half of that fee (£50). All deposits must be paid by bank transfer, upon arrival please pay the remaining balance in cash. However, you may pay by bank transfer before your arrival on the same day.
You will be shown around our premises to familiarise yourself with the surroundings. Once your tour has ended, you will be expected to pay a refundable deposit of £50 either by cash or bank transfer. You will receive your deposit back within twenty four hours of leaving our dungeon, via bank transfer.
You are required to wait for a member of staff to check the dungeon for any damaged equipment. If any damage has occurred, unfortunately you will lose the deposit (£50). You will also lose your deposit if you leave the premises before a member of staff has inspected the dungeon.
Smoking is allowed in the kitchen only, it is prohibited anywhere else including the dungeon.
Yes of course you may. However, no eating or drinking is allowed in the dungeon (except for water). If you are consuming alcohol, please drink responsibly.
Not really but we would expect you to leave our establishment in a reasonable condition. We do have cleaners which will arrive at the end of your stay. However, we do not expect the place to be left in an unkempt state.
Of course but please do not tamper or alter them as we have had to replace these several times due to guests breaking them.
No, not under any circumstances. Our venue is discreet and privacy is of the upmost importance to us.
50% of your booking secures your stay. A further refundable deposit between £50 (day hire) to £100 (overnight stays) is required and held until the end of your booking. This refundable deposit is returned providing you follow the WD rules.
Guests may stay for a maximum of two nights. Any longer must be discussed with the management.
Unfortunately, this is not allowed here.
Please report any breakage to a member of staff before your departure. Failure to do so will result in loss of your deposit and a lifetime ban from The Walsall Dungeon.
You can contact one of our mistresses by simply visiting their website or Twitter account. Please DO NOT contact us.
The Walsall Dungeon does not share a platform with mainstream media. However, we can make an exception for fetish/alternative media.
Portable heaters are absolutely prohibited at WD due to our health and safety policy. We provide central heating for your comfort. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the loss of your deposit.